5 Best Wrongful Termination Lawyers in Minneapolis, MN


Minneapolis’ Top Wrongful Termination Lawyers:

The top rated wrongful dismissal attorneys in Minneapolis, MN are:

  • Schaefer Halleen LLC – offers the highest quality legal representation in employment law
  • Engelmeier & Umanah PA – provides high quality legal services in the field of labor law
  • Law Firm Joseph A. Larson PLLC – is one of the top labor litigation attorneys in Minneapolis
  • LeBlanc Law & Mediation – provides services in the areas of labor law, labor law and family mediation
  • Law Office of Joshua R. Williams – helps employees who have been victims of illegal employment practices

Schaefer Halleen LLC

Schaefer Halleen LLC can help individuals and groups who have been affected by illegal corporate or government activities. The principles set out below are intended to guide the firm’s work and future growth, as well as to provide each client with a clear understanding of the firm’s core beliefs and to encourage their focus on expertise, commitment and results. . People who have been wronged often cannot find a qualified lawyer, leaving them speechless in the justice system.

Once they have concluded that they can adequately pursue customer complaints, they give them that voice. They help individuals effectively communicate their stories to corporate opponents and, if necessary, take their claims to court.


Wrongful dismissal, dismissal and employment contracts, sexual harassment, retaliation, discrimination in the workplace


Address: 412 S 4th St #1050, Minneapolis, MN 55415
Call🙁612) 294-2600
Website: www.schaeferhalleen.com


“I worked with Larry Schaefer and Lauren D’Cruz. They took my case with enthusiasm. They demonstrated creativity, good judgment and a thorough knowledge of the law in formulating the theory of the case. They also struck the right balance between zealous advocacy and risk management. They were very responsive and provided timely status updates throughout our engagement. They really cared about me as a person. I would recommend Schaefer Halleen to my family and friends without reservation.” – Henry V.

Engelmeier & Umanah PABest Wrongful Termination Lawyers in Minneapolis

Engelmeier & Umanah PA is an employment law firm that provides high quality legal services. You can count on them to provide competent legal assistance and representation, whether you are an employer in need of representation for an investigation, an HR or policy issue, or an employee whose rights have been violated at work. Its legal team has a long history of helping employers understand their rights and obligations, as well as educating employees to effectively defend and enforce their rights.

They understand how important the conclusion of an employment law issue is to employees and employers, and as your law firm, they will take their duty as passionate advisers and advocates very seriously.


Wrongful Termination, Breach of Contract, Discrimination Claims, Harassment Claims, Retaliation Claims, Wage and Hour Disputes


Address: 121 S 8th St Ste. 1300, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402
Call🙁612) 455-7720
Website: www.e-ulaw.com


“Charlie Firth is an exceptional lawyer. He helped me resolve a dispute with my employer. He was always available to speak with me and I truly felt that he had my best interests at heart. I recommend it without reservation and in the best possible conditions.” – Pastor Paul C.

Law Firm Joseph A. Larson PLLCMinneapolis Wrongful Termination Lawyers

Law Firm Joseph A. Larson PLLC is a premier Minneapolis employment litigation firm. Joe Larson is a strong advocate for his clients’ rights. Every matter that Joseph A. Larson Law Firm PLLC handles receives reasoned and proactive representation. Joe Larson has represented a wide range of clients across Minnesota and Wisconsin, including large multinational corporations and insurance companies, as well as small start-ups and individuals.

Joe founded the law firm Joseph A. Larson PLLC to protect the rights of individuals and small businesses in areas such as employment discrimination, sexual harassment, personal injury, workers’ compensation, trucking law and other legal issues.


Unfair dismissal, sexual harassment, disability discrimination, age discrimination, racial discrimination, national origin discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, etc.


Address: 310 S 4th Ave #5010, Minneapolis, MN 55415
Call🙁612) 206-3704
Website: www.joelarsonlaw.com


“Joe Larson represented me in an employment discrimination case, and I couldn’t have asked for more from a lawyer. Joe guided me with confidence and skill from the initial consultation, through the process of discovery and throughout the trial in the courtroom. Joe is a consummate professional and a top notch lawyer. He is articulate, hardworking, quick-witted, strategic and practical. I was very fortunate to have Joe by my side and I highly recommend him. -William E.

LeBlanc Law & MediationGood Wrongful Termination Lawyers in Minneapolis

LeBlanc Law & Mediation specializes in labor and employment law, as well as family mediation. The laws that govern employee-employer relations are complicated, complex and constantly changing. They help clients navigate complex employment challenges with personal attention and honest, practical advice. They represent both individuals and employers dealing with a variety of employment issues. With a well-rounded practice, they are able to approach each client’s problem from multiple angles.

They are able to conduct further investigation and develop an effective strategic representation plan by regularly working on cases from multiple angles. They assist clients at all levels of their file, from the filing of a complaint to the final resolution, thus facilitating the management of a difficult situation.


Wrongful dismissal, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, termination agreements, non-compete agreements, wage and hour disputes


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