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[co-authors: Katelyn Kingsbury and Drew Moretz, Government Relations Advisors]

This week at the General Assembly, speakers worked on the budget bill and members considered other bills in addition to holding redistribution hearings across the state.

Budget bill

Legislators from both chambers continued their work in a Budget Conference committee on the biennial budget bill (S 105). Among the differences between the bills passed by each house are: the amount of educator salaries, tax cuts and infrastructure spending. Lawmakers have been quoted in press reports indicating that a budget deal could be reached by mid-October. They also indicated that their proposal could be sent to Governor Roy Cooper for his reaction as early as next week. Although a new budget bill was not enacted until the end of the state’s fiscal year on June 30, state government operations continue in accordance with state law with expenditures at recurring funding levels for fiscal year 21.

Electoral redistribution

Public hearings on legislative and congressional redistribution, a process that takes place every 10 years after the census, continued this week. Hearings will continue until September 30, after which lawmakers will draw new maps. A link to the calendar of public hearings is available here.

Remote meetings

Governor Cooper signed a bill (H 320) this week that allows corporations, nonprofits and certain mutual insurance companies to hold meetings remotely under specific circumstances. The new law entered into force as soon as it was signed on September 20.

Remote notarization

The Senate this week passed and sent to the House a bill (H 776) to allow remote electronic notarization of documents. The House did not approve the Senate version of the bill and a conference committee was appointed to resolve the differences between the two versions. If passed, the bill would come into force on January 1, 2022.

Some notable pending invoices

In addition to the important finance and policy issues that will likely be addressed in the finance bill (S 105), a number of other notable bills are awaiting action. Among these are:

  • H 951, which would change the price of electricity — The house is gone; pending before the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Energy and the Environment
  • H 954, which would authorize and regulate video lottery terminals — House Commerce Committee carried; pending in the House finance committee
  • S 688, which would allow sports betting — Senate passed; pending at the Chamber’s Commerce Committee
  • 711, which would allow the use of marijuana for certain medical purposes — Three Senate committees adopted; pending at the Rules of the Senate Committee

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