Does pet insurance cover medication?


Which companies cover the drugs?

Almost all pet insurance providers offer prescription drug coverage. Here are our most recommended company drug policies.

One-time medication coverage

Spot Pet Insurance offers a low cost accident only insurance plana more comprehensive accident and sickness plan and two wellness supplements. All policies cover drugs to treat covered conditions, provided the drug is FDA approved and prescribed by a licensed veterinarian. Experimental treatments and over-the-counter drugs are not covered.

Unlike some other companies, Spot covers prescription foods and supplements as long as they are prescribed to treat a covered condition and not for general health or maintenance. The company’s Platinum Preventative Care add-on also offers $25 per year for flea and heartworm prevention, checkups, and other routine vet visits.

Trupanion Drug Coverage

Trupanion has a unique plan covering accidents and illnesses, including prescribed medication for either. Prescription food is 50% covered for up to two months. Dietary supplements are covered if prescribed to treat a covered condition and not for general health. Trupanion does not offer wellness coverage, but its Recovery and Complementary Care add-on covers homeopathic and herbal remedies as well as treatments such as acupuncture.

Recover Pet Medication Coverage

Fetch by Dodo offers a single accident and illness plan, but no wellness coverage. Its plan covers all prescribed medications for covered conditions, including chronic conditions and congenital conditions. Nutritional supplements are covered, but prescription foods are not.

Adopt drug coverage

Embrace Pet Insurance’s unique plan covers accidents and illnesses, including medications and homeopathic remedies prescribed to treat them. Embrace will not cover flea, tick or heartworm prevention, nutritional supplements or prescription foods unless you purchase its Wellness Rewards for Routine Care add-on.

Medication coverage for healthy paws

The Healthy Paws Accident & Sickness Plan covers prescription drugs for all covered conditions. It does not cover herbal medicine or homeopathy, and there is no wellness supplement for preventative medications.

Figo Medication Coverage

Figo offers an accident and sickness plan with optional “power-up” add-ons, including wellness care. It reimburses all prescription drugs for covered conditions. You will need to add its Wellness Power-up for protection against fleas, ticks and heartworms. His Vet Exam Fee Upgrade covers up to $250 of prescription food per year.

Better pet medication coverage

Pets Best Accident Only and Accident & Sickness Plans cover all FDA-approved, veterinarian-prescribed medications for covered conditions. Some over-the-counter medications and supplements are covered. You will need to add the Essential Wellness or Best Wellness supplement for heartworm medication coverage.


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