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Retirement can often be expensive, and individuals will need to have a certain amount of money set aside to carry them out later in life. However, people should not be complacent or resigned about their financial situation. Instead, they can take steps to increase their pension, public pension, and retirement income as a whole.

However, another essential consideration to take into account is not only how private pensions are managed, but also how income can be drawn from these schemes.

Ms Barrett explained: “You can withdraw up to 25% of your pension tax-free, and the rest will be taxed as normal income.

“Generally speaking, you can get more income in the shorter term from the drawdown, but it’s less reliable than an annuity, which is guaranteed for life.

“With the drawdown, you can eventually run out of money if you take out too much and / or if the stock market is doing badly.

State pension increases with each week of a person’s deferral, provided it lasts for at least nine weeks, and will be paid with the regular payment of a person’s state pension.

The sum increases by the equivalent of one percent every nine deferred weeks, meaning that equates to just under 5.8 percent every 52 weeks, showing that it can be potentially effective.

The British, however, do not have to resort to their retirement plans to increase their retirement income.

Along with these considerations, Ms. Barrett pointed out other ways that individuals can ensure that they are financially protected later in life.

She concluded, “Finally, consider other ways to increase your retirement income. This could include an equity release, downsizing, or part-time work.

“Getting the right advice for your retirement is crucial, whether you are five or twenty-five years from retirement. “

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